In Bewteen Buildings - Cities for Young People

If you're between the ages of 13 and 17 years, you can have your say.

You have the opportunity to suggest alternative and innovative leisure time activities and facilities where you and your friends can spend your free time.

Our Programmes

Treasure Hunts

We transform streets into a board game where participants run against time to explore bustling and quiet streets to discover hidden clues by means of an orienteering map.

Traditional Games

Passju, ħabel, lakstu … Participants rediscover to the now lost traditional Maltese games that our grandparents used to play in the quaint village streets.

Team Building

Challenging activities where participants develop skills essential in one’s everyday life, such as planning, problem-solving, creative thinking and physical ability.

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Kick-Off Meeting Erasmus+ Sports

Move delegates are currently in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a Kick-off meeting is to debate and suggest activities for youth-led street sports fall all.

In Between Buildings - Cities for Young People

In Between Buildings – Cities for Young People

Our organisation today launched at MCAST its latest campaign, “In Between Buildings – Cities for Young People” with the aim of creating a platform for dialogue between young people, decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders so that together they find innovative solutions to the new challenges […]

ErasmusPlus Sport results are out

The results of the April 2017 ErasmusPlus Sport have just been released. We are delighted to announce that our project, in collaboration with GAME, was selected. A very big thank you goes to ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association for their support. This partnership […]

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